07/3  Samsung SCH-S260: handwritten text superimposed on MMS

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Samsung SCH-S260

This is an amusing concept to send personalised email or MMS messages.

The new phone is the first in the Samsung line to feature the Macromedia Flash Lite Player. The technology is being used to display the user interface for the phone.

Via Akihabara News

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07/3  Indecent business

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In today's NZZ am Sonntag there were an article by Dominik Flammer on swiss mobile operators offering porn entitled «Unanständige Geschäfte» (indecent business).
Alltag in der Kommunikationsbranche - kaum ein Medium und keine Telekom-Firma verzichtet auf diese Hardcore-Angebote. Sie gelten in der Branche als treibende Kraft hinter der technologischen Entwicklung, insbesondere in der mobilen Kommunikation.
Translation: Everyday life in the communication profession - every media and especially the mobile operators offer hardcore to its clients. In the profession they are perceived as the driving force behind the technological development, especially in the mobile sector.
Während etwa Irland, Australien oder auch Grossbritannien für die neue Generation der Smartphones eine lückenlose Registrierung der Käufer und damit auch der Altersgruppen anstreben, wird das Thema in der Schweiz noch kaum diskutiert.
Translation: Whereas in Ireland, Australia or in Great Britain buyers of new smartphones have to be registered and also have to tell their age, in Switzerland no real discussion about the problem has yet been started.

It is probably much easier to block indecent material by the mobile operators - when the age of the phone owner is known - than asking third parties to overwatch the content. So I can only encourage the swiss mobile operators to propose common standards and easy solutions to adopt for third parties.

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