26/7  Interesting QR code use case for schools

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An idea to follow: Ewan's Copying down? Just use QR
QR Codes could be used to transmit whole sets of resources for homework tasks, by displaying this on the projector at the end of the lesson and getting students to snap it. When they get home, they gain access to that particular tranche of the del.icio.us page, for example, where all their resources lie.

26/7  PEW Study: How Americans use their cell phones

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How Americans use their cell phones

Heard of first on Intro to Digital Age
A recent PEW research study on technology and media use in the U.S. described cell phones as “the communications swiss army knife;).” [...] With the younger demographic growing up using mobile phones and all their capabilities, it appears use will to continue to grow and expand. I recently read an article stating cell phones have had the most impact on the world in the last 25 years than any other technology.

Also worth a look, even if not directly related. Although as the internet goes mobile more and more, this will accelerate this change even more:
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