14/9  First QR Code Ad Banner in Switzerland

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NZZcampus Ad with QR Code This is cool. NZZ continues to promote NZZcampus with QR Codes.

Shortcode (only with Kaywa Reader)

qrcode: Shortcode for NZZcampus

Shortcode URL (with all QR Code Readers)

qrcode: Shortcode URL for NZZcampus

14/9  .Net QRCode Library - Also for Windows Mobile

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The cool thing about standards is, every now and then there is someone coming up with something new which advances everything.

Last example is the .NET QRCode Library
QRCode Library is a .NET component that can be used to encode and decode QRCode. QRCode is a 2 dimensional bar code that originated in Japan. Nowadays it is widely used in a wide range of industries, e.g. for vehicle parts tracking and inventory management.

Here a screenshot of the QR Code Decoder on Windows Mobile:

Windows Mobile Decode

Image: twit88

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