29/1  Mobile Services 2008, Technopark Zurich, May 15, 2008

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At Mobile Services 2008*, which takes place on May 15 at Technopark Zurich, there will be two presentations where QR Codes play a role:
Mobiler Medienkonsum
  • Mobiles Internet als zweite Chance
  • QR-Codes. Der Link für die Zeitung
Frank Schmiechen, Stv. Chefredaktor und verantwortlich
für WELT KOMPAKT, Axel Springer (D)

Mobile Tagging als Wegbereiter für Mobile 2.0
  • Konvergierender Markt von Telekom, Internet und Print
  • Mobile Tagging bzw. QR-Codes
  • Mobile 2.0 = Business 2.0?
Roger Fischer, CEO, Kaywa

* Conference Programme (in german):
Mobile Services 2008 (PDF, 160 KB)


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The Advertising Club Meetup January 28th 2008 at Google
Print Ads—Tiffany Shen Miller
  • “We are going to make newspapers sexier”
  • Efficiency and Scale
  • Single web interface to research across multiple papers etc.
  • Not an auction. Bid to publisher directly through the tool
  • This year the goal is to incorporate Google Analytics
2D Bar Code—QR Codes
  • Marrying print and mobile
  • This is making offline trackable

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