11/4  Düsseldorf - the QR City / Radical Advertising

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Yesterday I was in Düsseldorf having my presentation at Plakat und Media Kongress.
I posted my presentation in german over at my personal blog.
※ Thanks to Ulrike and Stephan for the invitation. I also met Heike for the first time face to face.

And then I saw suddenly all the posters with QR Codes in Düsseldorf. Not only the ones from the Plakat und Media Kongress, but also the ones for the exhibition Radical Advertising.

From the german press release:
Haben Sie sich auch schon über die wirklich seltsamen Plakate auf der Kö und in der Altstadt gewundert? ? Ein Schaf mit einem verwirrenden schwarz-weissen Gekleckse am Hals??
Zur Pressemeldung (.doc)
The QR Code below points to the mobile site where you can win mobile phones, a trip to Berlin , exhibition catalogues and download ringtones.

QR Code for Radical Advertising

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11/4  iPhone Cachebility via Yahoo

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11/4  Storytelling with Google Maps by Penguin

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Storytelling with Google Maps.
Now bring it to the real world. (> Dokodare)

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