19/2  Using Mobile Technologies to Promote Children’s Learning by Carly Shuler (PDF, 56 pages)

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30/10  Conference Killer App: Combine paper and QR Code

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Pocketguide DevLearn
For those of you that are attending DevLearn. I've created the PocketGuide again this year. I did it for the Annual Gathering in Boston and while the online version did not work too well, the ones that I left at the registration desk flew away quickly. So this year we will have more at the registration desk and the pdf link above should get you a good copy.
As Brent Schlenker has already a QR Code on his blog, I would find it great to integrate this QR Code in the Pocketguide. This way he can offer updates and discussions about DevLearn any time. I see this combination as the killer app for any conference: pocketguide + QR Code. On top of the advantages of a paper pocketguide already mentioned, the pocketguide would then also be updated and could include audiovisual material (photos, mp3 podcasts, 3gp videos).

QR Code for elearndev.blogspot.com

11/9  cast - Mobility, Convergence, Interactivity

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For once in german only. If you want to study how to produce mobile content, this is maybe for you:

Neue Studienvertiefung „Cast“, hdk, Zurich
Ab Herbst 2007 beschäftigt sich die neue Studienvertiefung Cast (englisch für viele Bedeutungen, u.a. sich umsehen nach / mitwirken / senden) mit den vielfältigen Fragstellungen zu neuartigen Kommunikationsformen und journalistischen Inhalten der digitalen Bild-Medien.

[...] Das neue Berufsbild „Cast“ ergibt sich aus der Entwicklung der Medien in den nächsten Jahren. Diese charakterisiert sich im Wesentlichen durch einen Akzelerationsprozess mit den Kennzeichen: Mobilität, Konvergenz, Interaktivität.

Die Absolventinnen und Absolventen sollen nach Abschluss des Studiums fähig sein, sich in der ganzen Breite des Nutzungsspektrums neuer Medien zu bewegen sowie die Unabhängigkeit von Ort und Zeit und die Multifunktionalität der Inhalte (insbesondere bei den mobil rezipierbaren Medien) professionell umzusetzen.

Das abschliessende Diplom eines Bachelor of Arts in Design berechtigt zum weiterführenden, forschungsorientierten Master-Studium mit Schwerpunkt Entwicklung spezifischer theoretischer wie praktischer Grundlagen mobiler Kommunikation.

22/6  Microlearning 2007: Not far away from the perfect conference

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Back from Microlearning 2007. I participated for the third time now (my paper from 2005) and the conference is getting better every year. Thanks Martin Lindner for this structured unconference. Form and Content now fit perfectly.

Martin Hofmann and I did the Mobile Tagging café sessions and some additional speedgeeking.

And the proceedings have even a QR code on the back. Well done!

In the train I just read several interesting papers. The one dearest to me was probably Junichi Azuma's "From Emoticon to Universal Symbolic Signs: Can Written Language Survive in Cyberspace?" (link)

PS: More camera phone photos can be found here. My camphone lens got a scratch which explains the suboptimal quality of the pictures.

Regarding QR Codes, I just discovered this:
Hcard to vcard to QR Code. Nice! Via Pixelsebi.

04/10  Mobile Phones in the classroom

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10/8  QR-Code links to Jim Breen’s keitai-capable online dictionary

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Sadly the japanese characters do not work with my phone. Does anyone know how to get the japanese characterset on a 6630?

Via Bill Pellowe's Word Document

See also:
ELT Calendar (www.eltcalendar.com)
ELT Podcast (www.eltpodcast.com)
JALT National Online Calendar (jalt.org/calendar)

26/7  Interesting QR code use case for schools

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An idea to follow: Ewan's Copying down? Just use QR
QR Codes could be used to transmit whole sets of resources for homework tasks, by displaying this on the projector at the end of the lesson and getting students to snap it. When they get home, they gain access to that particular tranche of the del.icio.us page, for example, where all their resources lie.

10/7  iPod in Education

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iPod in Education
iPod in Education - A site dedicated to the use of iPod and iTunes in Education.

See also (found on the site):
MicroMemo's High-Fidelity Digital Audio Recorder for iPod with video

19/6  Mobile & Micro Presentation at Mobilelearning in Innsbruck

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Trends in Mobile:
  • Participatory Media
  • Convergence between PC and Mobile
  • 2D Barcodes (QR Codes)

Microlearning - Mobile and Micro (PDF)

25/5  eduPods: Pearson develops content for the iPod

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Pearson To Develop iPod Educational Material
Pearson Education are to develop educational content for teachers and students which will play on an iPod. What a perfect strong-arm tactic, one that I'd imagine parents will find hard to refuse.

[...] Students will be able to download study guides that work with Pearson's educational texts and listen to review notes to prepare for exams.
Via Engadget

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