30/10  Conference Killer App: Combine paper and QR Code

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Pocketguide DevLearn
For those of you that are attending DevLearn. I've created the PocketGuide again this year. I did it for the Annual Gathering in Boston and while the online version did not work too well, the ones that I left at the registration desk flew away quickly. So this year we will have more at the registration desk and the pdf link above should get you a good copy.
As Brent Schlenker has already a QR Code on his blog, I would find it great to integrate this QR Code in the Pocketguide. This way he can offer updates and discussions about DevLearn any time. I see this combination as the killer app for any conference: pocketguide + QR Code. On top of the advantages of a paper pocketguide already mentioned, the pocketguide would then also be updated and could include audiovisual material (photos, mp3 podcasts, 3gp videos).

QR Code for elearndev.blogspot.com


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