10/6  The mobile browser should remain our common goal

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Despite the avalanche of mobile apps that let people access local information, the mobile browser is still the king when it comes to finding out what’s going on in your city or neighborhood.

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This will only increase in the future, when HTML 5 (see Wikipedia Entry as well) will finally show up. Apps became popular with the iPhone, but even if Apple gets even a bigger market share than now, the competition will increase (Android, Blackberry, Palm Pre etc.) and we get back to square one, meaning a heavily fractured marketplace.
The only way out of this, in the middle to long term is to see the web- aka mobile browser as the OS. So hopefully the current trend of the mobile browser remaining in the pole position will continue. It's in the best interest for all of us.

(contrarian view) Rohit Sharma's The Browser Is Dead — Long Live the Browser
but see also Vic Gundotra about HTML 5, iPhone and Android

App stores are not the future, says Google


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