30/8  QR Code Mania in the UK: 28 Weeks Later and Umbro following up on the Pet Shop Boys

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After the Pet Shop Boys...

28 Weeks Later

QR Code from www.28weekslaterdvd.co.uk by Gia
Photo: Iain Tait, for another photo see here

I like the big posters that introduce QR Code without saying anything else. Thanks Gia


Umbro. Go to Downloads to see the QR Codes for the mobile wallpapers.


Marc Fonteijn - success [at] marcathing.com - http://www.marcathing.com
2007-08-31 10:58:01

Wow, how cool! I'm very curious to see the conversion rate it generates!

2007-08-31 11:02:57

To measure the conversion rate here will be difficult, as it is text which is decoded offline (good point: it's quick and at no cost for the customer).

With SMS, Phone and mostly URL's you can measure it;)

gia - giagia [at] gmail.com - http://www.giagia.co.uk
2007-08-31 12:08:50

Hey! Thanks for the post, guys!

Roger- Actually 'cost to consumer' was one of our conversations. We didn't want people to be forced to go online via their mobiles for anything. We really just want people to learn about QR Codes and making it too complicated at this stage is of no use to anyone.

2007-08-31 13:22:38

Thanks for coming on the blog too:)
And you are absolutely right to do so. To start with QR Code it can make a lot of sense to use text, phone or SMS QR Codes as this is decoded on the phone and produces therefore no cost for the customer.

streetstylz - http://streetstylz.blogspot.com/
2007-09-02 20:42:54

Kudos to Clear Channel for the QR code implementation. Looks like the work of NeoMedia/Gavitec.



Raimo - raimo [at] planet.nl - http://www.mobminds.com
2007-09-03 13:53:39

Excellente.. Next stop Netherlands?

streetstylz - http://streetstylz.blogspot.com/
2007-10-31 08:35:56

Thanks Anthony :)

I agree, this was an excellent 2D code implementation. Hope to see more.

Best regards,

Roger - http://id.kaywa.com/roger
2007-11-01 09:50:13

It's Gia who deserves all the cudos for this initiative;)

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