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QR Code Kill
Elena, the winner of 1st QR-Kill game played in Barcelona, 22.1.2008

Flanagan just sent me a mail telling me about their new QR Code Game. Amazing! (The only thing I don't like is the name of the game.)

QR-Kill Rules
  1. A QR with your name and phone (SMS format) will be printed in a 20cm minimum width sheet of white paper. It will be reinforced by a hard cardboard and stuck to the back using american tape.
  2. The QR must be visible at all times. It cannot be covered by any means, wall, floor, etc…
  3. Once you receive the deathly SMS you must leave the scenario right away.
  4. When team playing, members can only communicate by using same phone they use as a weapon.
  5. Disguising is allowed as along as the QR is visible.
  6. Unless playing “sniper mode” no extra devices can be used to capture the QR-Codes (E.g. zoom photo cameras, videocams, etc…)
  7. If there is a conflict deciding who killed first, SMS time will decide (we recommend synchronizing watches before the game starts)
  8. No one can assist you to kill the enemy with your phone. However you can hire spies, etc…


flanagan - jordi [at] tmc.es
2008-01-23 18:48:56

Thanks for posting.

We'd like to see that we are not the only freaks in the world who play this.

Roger - http://id.kaywa.com/roger
2008-01-24 02:25:45

Didn't you make a video?

Bryan Alexander - bryan.alexander [at] nitle.org - http://b2e.nitle.org
2008-01-26 14:38:42

Good catch, Roger! Blogged this twice.

We're just entering the heroic stage of ubicomp gaming...

Roger - http://id.kaywa.com/roger
2008-01-26 15:57:41

Thanks Brian!

jtbutcher - http://www.jtbutcher.co.uk
2008-01-27 23:11:57

It's a bit worrying to think that this was done with peoples actual Mobile numbers. I know that in most places, people are still fairly ignorant to 2D codes, but there is always someone who will misuse something like that.
Perhaps a better option would have been to use something like Twitter:
It wouldn't be difficult to put together a bot that people could add, that would track and relay the kill messages, with the added bonus that someone who has already been "killed" could be stopped from attempting to kill anyone else. It also restricts the game to actual players.

Roger - http://id.kaywa.com/roger
2008-01-28 01:03:12

There is a privacy issue for sure. However it's probably a lot less dangerous than handing out your business card to someone - especially today where QR Codes are not yet ubiquitous as in Japan.

On the positive side (in comparison to Twitter) the SMS encoded here in the QR Codes are offline codes which means this is something which needs no internet access. I can't imagine that one can improve on that.

So I simply would suggest to make such a game over a special SMS keyword to address your privacy concerns.
The downside of this is naturally that you have to get a contract with an SMS keyword provider. And the beauty of this particular game is really that you can play it without any other service than what is at hand.
Both technologies - personal SMS and QR Codes - are freely available:)

m1k3y - contact [at] m1k3y.com - http://m1k3y.tumblr.com
2008-01-30 07:08:50

@jtbutcher - surely the workaround then is to use pre-paid mobiles, instead of your personal one?

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