06/3  Mobile Monday Switzerland #6

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Smart camera applications at ETH Zurich on Monday April 6, 2009
There’s much more to the camera in a mobile phone than only a device for taking photos. The value of the camera phone above and beyond a digital camera is the result of integration of the camera with other mobile handset hardware and software, and services.

In this meeting we will be describing and discussing the many applications, native and which may be added to the camera phone by the user, that enrich images, extract information from the user’s environment and add to the utility and fun of mobile platforms.
Participants: Christine Perey, Daniel Wagner, Herbert Bay, Roger Fischer, Juha K. Laurila


The sticker below is an absolutely inofficial addition to the event, however I think it can work as a good example. I already wrote about Simple Attendance Management in a recent post and naturally this could apply here as well.

DokoDare Sticker for Semper Aula: DokoDare - Semper Aula Sticker (PDF)

Scanning the QR Code of the DokoDare Sticker brings the following benefits:
  • Bookmark the address and the room now and don't bother searching for the address later
  • Checkout the map when you are nearby
  • Read more about the Semper Aula
  • See what other places (e.g. transport, bars etc) are in the neighbourhood
  • At your arrival check in; see who else already checked in
  • Exchange short messages during the event
  • Start following people who are interesting

UPDATE (16.3.09):
Interesting: Pattie Maes demos the Sixth Sense at TED Conference


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