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QR Code Ad

The QR-Ad, a new way of banner advertising
«Double Your Audience. Talk mobile & web!»
The QR-Ad is a new way of banner advertising, that addresses at the same time a web and a mobile audience. The results of our research show a significant increase of engagement.

The QR-Ad uses the banner format in two ways
a) as a normal banner to click, to go to a web destination page
b) as a support for a QR Code which can be scanned with a mobile phone equipped with a QR Code scanner.

The QR-Ad's hybrid usage makes the ad more valuable
We believe that the quality of a scan is more valuable than a click, as the mobile phone is first a more intimate setting and second it's viewer has made a bigger effort to access your page. There are also no competing windows/tabs open to divert the viewer of your message.
With an 75–80% scan2click rate (=on 100 clicks, there are 75–80 scans), you address a highly mobile audience.

In a Business Week article from November 12, 2007, it was said:
The percentage of people who respond to common "banner ads," the ubiquitous interactive posters that run in fixed places on sites, is shrinking steadily. The so-called click-through rate for those ads on major Web destinations such as Yahoo! (YHOO ), Microsoft (MSFT ), and AOL (TWX ) declined from 0.75% to 0.27% during 2006, according to Eyeblaster, a New York-based online ad serving and monitoring firm. It says that last March the average click rate on standard banner ads across the whole Web was 0.2%. This reflects a surge in new ads and Web pages, fueled by the rise in social networks.
DoubleClick published an interesting report about CTR benchmarks. You can download it here as PDF. It shows that 0.2% today is already a high CTR.

» QR-Ad: In comparison, we got a 0.39% click-through rate (CTR) on our first QR Ad, and a significant 0.31% scan rate (SCR). Combined this brings us to 0.7%.

Update: With the current QR Ad we currently have an incredible CTR of 1.33% and a SCR of 0.47%, combined this brings us to 1.8%!

Banner Example

See here the banner (840x180px) and ideal QR Code size for qrcode.kaywa.com.
For current examples of QR Code Ad's, go to http://qrcode.kaywa.com

On other sites, you can also use a more classic format (300x250).


Position Duration Price Page Impressions* Clicks* Scans*
Top 1 Month Euro 7000.– 450'000-0.5 Mio 2000 1400-1600
Top 2 Weeks Euro 4000.– 225'000-0.25 Mio 1000 700-800
Second 1 Month Euro 4500.– 450'000-0.5 Mio 1500 1000
Second 2 Weeks Euro 2500.– 225'000-0.25 Mio 750 500

* Page Impressions, Clicks and Scans are projections based on statistics gathered during the period of December 11, 2009 till February 9, 2010. Update: The lastet numbers show an extraordinary increase regarding clicks (6000 instead of 2000 on Top Ad).

Top Ad, Second Ad

We need from you the following:
  • Mobile Destination Page URL
  • Banner (Supersize Format: 840x180px)
  • Web Destination Page
  1. Tell us for how long and in what position (top, second top), you want to run the QR-AD. Period always start 1st of month or 16th of month. Minimum duration is 2 weeks, or 1st-15th, 16th-end of month.
  2. We create the QR Code, which you later can track
  3. Integrate the QR Code in your banner design (840 x 180px)
  4. Send us the banner ad
    + mobile destination address (URL)
    + traditional web destination address (URL)
  5. We send you back the statistics access for web (PI's, Clicks) and QR Code (Scans).
  6. Once your QR-AD is live, you can verify your statistics anytime.

For clients starting an annual contract (PUA1Y) on our QR Code Management solution, we offer two weeks for free in second position.
See pricing of the PUA1Y in the QR CODE Pricing Powerpoint. Dowload it here.

Call +41 43 818 29 40 or skype: roger.fischer
See also our contact page at #kaywazh


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